Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I've just opened a new restaurant.
Can you recommend a range of products?

A. A site visit from one of our representatives will determine which products will best suit your business. Below is a basic list of the products required:
Kitchen Machine Dishwashing Detergent Dishmatic L
  Machine Rinse Rinse Aid
  Hand Dishwashing Jadet
  Heavy Duty Degreaser DFA100
  Oven Cleaner SOC
  Cleaner / Sanitiser Cleankill
  Descaler Scale Off
  Dishwasher Powder Klordex
  Handsoap Salute

Q. Is True Blue an Australian company?

A. Absolutely. True Blue Chemicals is Australian owned and operated. Founded by former Australian Wallaby Stuart Macdougall in 1986, True Blue Chemicals is now managed by eldest son Brad Macdougall, in the role of Executive Director. Younger son, Ryan is involved in the industry running the Elite Distributor partner, True Blue Hunter.

Q. What is the optimum temperature setting for my ware washing machine?

A. The wash cycle should be at least 62 degrees and the rinse cycle at 82 degrees. The rinse cycle is required to be at this high a temperature to ensure thermal disinfection.

Q. Why should I use a rinse aid in my ware washing machine?

A. A rinse aid will make the water sheet off your crockery rather than forming droplets. If there are droplets then dust and other particles are attracted to those water particles and when the crockery dries, the particles remain.

Q. I have a scale problem in my ware washer. Why does this form and what can I use to get rid of it?

A. Scale is caused from hardness salts in the water which occur from heating the water so often. True Blue Scale Off removes all scale from the machine, element and probes leaving it shiny and clean to ensure clean results.

Q. Is it important to pack the racks properly in the dishwasher or ware washer trays?

A. Absolutely. If the racks are packed incorrectly the crockery will not clean properly. Plates should face the same way and cutlery should be mixed up to avoid them "spooning" together.

Q. Why is there so much foam in the sink when I used True Blue Jadet Dishwashing Liquid?

A. Jadet is a high foaming formula for a very good reason! The grease and dirt from dishes gets suspended in the foam which allows the detergent to optimally work in the sink.

Q. What is the best product to use to remove grease build up on range hoods?

A. DFA100 is ideal for cleaning range hoods. The thick foam is non hazardous and safe for use on aluminium. DFA100 is also a hard surface cleaner, scrubber or spray and wipe.

Q. I have severe tannin stains on my coffee cups. What should I use to remove them?

A. PinkChlor is the ideal soaker to remove tough stains like tannin from coffee cups.

Q. What is Vegisan and when would I use it?

A. Vegisan is a salad and vegetable sterilent and is ideal for use in situations where there are people with compromised immune systems such as nursing homes. It is quick and easy to use - simply soak the salad and vegetables for 5 to 10 minutes.

Q. What are optical brighteners?

A. Optical brighteners are dyes that absorb light in the ultraviolet region and re-emit light in the 'blue' region. This makes fabric look less yellow by increasing the overall amount of blue light reflected.

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